My favorite view of Chicago

My favorite view of Chicago…yes, I took this :)

Dear Reader,

By this point you have found my newest and most treasured after-work pass-time.  I will begin with the following thought:

The best attribute of art is that it doesn’t always have to be beautiful to be appreciated.

aesthetic access serves one primary purpose, and that is to reveal the emotions that create and are born from art itself.

Through fashion, music, poetry, nature, personality, sketching, imagery in writing–you name it–art manifests itself in the good, the bad and the ugly.  You just have to look a little deeper past the surface to find it.

My hope with creating this blog is to compel readers to slow down.  To appreciate art in its many molds and models.  To think beyond just one physical sense.

If after a year I can accomplish that, then this endeavor will have served its purpose.




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