I want to lay in tall grass
To have the sun warm my face
Turning my eyelids red as I dream

Hold my hands
Lay head-to-head with me so our feet become polar opposites of each other

Let the birds’ songs be the melody we drift away to
Let the whistling of the wind in the trees transcend our minds into another world where time does not exist
Anger becomes passion
Complexity is irrelevant

A warm breeze comes from my toes and lifts my hair up off my shoulders
Breathe it in
Don’t think about it. Just let it happen.

You roll over to your stomach and perch yourself up
Leaning over your elbows
I meet your gaze but you shyly look away

You bend the tall grass that separates us
and crawl the few inches between us
to lay a gentle kiss on my forehead
And I don’t think about it; I just let it happen.

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