Almost There, Headed Nowhere

Almost There, Headed Nowhere

I close my eyes and feel the bitter draught sneaking in through the window.
If you listen hard enough, you can hear each snowflake fall.
A pitter patter of dust that settles me into brief hibernation.

The sun breaks through the cold, misty sky,
with its glimmer and its shine it teases my mind.
It makes me wish I were somewhere else…

Like under a palm tree.

The heat on my face
Causes my heart to race
faster and faster with the anticipation of Summer.

Each of my senses kicks into an inner feeling of nostalgia.
They feel the excitement,
hear the splashing of water and my favorite songs playing,
smell the chlorine, and the morning dew, and the fireflies at dusk,
taste the watermelon Bacardi on the lips of my latest crush.

I see the neon pink and orange skies of the sunset over the valley,
and the millions of stars floating around the vast night sky.
Only four more months, and it will arrive.
I’m losing patience with each day of Winter.


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