Call it superstitious, super religious, supernatural, or just super.

I never miss an 11:14. Never.

Do you have a certain number, whether it’s an anniversary, birth date, your lucky number, etc.? My godmother’s number was always 11:14. She was married on 11/14, her license plate said BBK1114, and every time she saw it on the clock, she would shout with all the excitement she could, “Eleven-fourteen!!”

Since she lost her long, arduous battle against breast cancer in September 2009, I can honestly say I have missed very few 11:14’s. Whether I see it on the dashboard panel in my car (or anyone else’s), my computer screen, receipts, a date listed on a marketing item at work (I could go on forever), This number combination always finds a way to grab my attention.

Now, those who know me know that I’m Catholic. You could say that I’m religious, although sometimes I have questions about things the priests and gospel readings say. I enjoy having discussions with family and friends about whether or not aliens are out there, and if so, did God create them? Science always comes into question, and the depictions of Heaven being in the clouds are what always get me (planes fly through Heaven all the time then, right?). One thing is for certain concerning my belief of life after death, though, and that is I know it must exist in some form.

There have been certain occurrences in my life post my godmother’s death that I can only attribute to her doing. There were religious conversations that we had to which only she was privy; there’s this boy named Jason she always said I was “meant to be with” that I had a crush on but refused to date because my parents liked him too much; and there were ways I’ve hoped my relationship with my mom would turn out.

Lately, when I see an example relating to our religious discussions, I think of her and the fact that she wanted me to see this. When I hang out with my boyfriend-turned-husband (yes, the one she always said I should be with), or when my mom and I go a long time without fighting, I can’t help but think she pulled some strings.

I will repeat: Call it superstitious, super religious, supernatural or whatever you want, but whichever one you choose, I hope you understand how amazing this feeling is. It’s nice to know that someone is watching out for you. How do I know it’s her? Because those things I mentioned that only she knows… she finds a way to work things out, and then I spot an 11:14 and smile.


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